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Quality Statement

At Plastic Closures Limited we have implemented a comprehensive integrated Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety management system, which monitors our performance in quality safety and environment. We continue to strive for quality within all activities and services of the company, not as an aim in itself but as a means to meet and exceed customer’s expectations.

Our company goals are centred on supplying products that continually satisfy the reasonable expectations of our customers in all respects of quality, service, delivery, cost, performance, hygiene, safety and reliability. We measure the quality level of the delivered products and services, and produce an analysis of non-quality, corrective and preventive measurements.

Our commitment to quality is confirmed by the implementation of ISO9001:2015, which is by far the world’s most established quality framework, currently being used by over ¾ million organisations in 161 countries, and sets the standard not only for quality management systems, but management systems in general.

The working of the quality system is evaluated on a regular basis by means of internal and external audits as well as the measurement of the customers’ satisfaction report. Overall quality objectives are set at the annual management review and implemented by department managers to departments, teams and individuals.

All members of staff are responsible for the quality of the organisation and for the quality of the work delivered by the company and we always strive to improve our quality system.

As a manufacturer of plastic components, Plastic Closures Limited is very conscious of its responsibility to the environment and the implications of its operations. Recycled polymer is used within the manufacturing process whenever production parameters and component design allows.

Plastic Closures Limited considers the health and safety of their employees, clients and the environment as a strategic importance of the business. The basic principles of Health & Safety are the identification of the hazard – the potential to cause harm – and the reduction of all associated risks.

To demonstrate our commitment, Plastic Closures Limited achieved BRC Packaging in May 2018.